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Friday, July 6, 2007

Die Hard 4 - Old Spice - stays alive.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

Staying true to its name, Die Hard - this franchise does not die. Its the kind of no nonsense full-on action flick it was meant to be and kudos to the creators for sticking to the gun. Too many times we have seen movies which have a series - that try something different, that do not stick to their core competence, but thank god this one doesnt.

Imagine the worst terror that can be inflicted on a country -

1)take away its transport,
2)then its financial services,
3)then its basic public facilities like gas, power, water etc.

Then take over the media and inflict terror in the hearts of the people, create hara-kiri and absolute mayhem. Thats the plan a super whiz guy has for US of A. He gets together a team of braniacs - hackers and tricks them into making algorithms to breach every damn security in the US. then he eliminates each one before executing his three step recipe to mayhem. Meanwhile, Detective Mclean ( Bruce Willis) is having atough time with his daughter(Mary Winstead) - she is totally pissed off with him and doesnt wanna speak with him. He is called to pick up one of the Hacker's and he reaches there just in the nick of time and saves him from being eliminated. Then starts total non-stop action where Bruce and the hacker(Justin Long) are chased in cars, in trailers, in helicopters - and our cool as Ice cop eliminates one baddie after the other. The bad guy (Timothy Olyphant) gets really pissed off when Bruce kills his kung-fu girlfriend. He picks up Inspector Mcleans daughter and keeps her captive. She's made up of the same spunk, her father is and give sthem a tough time. Bruce finally comes over to the Baddie Den and blows away everyone. He remains the only - die hard - unsung hero - while the whole US police and defense system is trying to take control of the complete mayhem.

Bruce plays the role with such panache that you have to bow to him. He hasnt lost an iota of his class. You wont believe the things he does and wont think for once that he is 60 !!! You can totally believe him ramming a car into a helicopter, shooting and kicking off the baddies, getting up after being trounced and shot and thrown down 3 stories etc and he actually fights off a fighter plane with a trailer truck! The no nonsense, in your face, slick wit cop Mclean lives on - fingering the baddies in the right places!

The Die Hard lovers should die if they dont watch this one. Go on and watch this simple, straightforward, non-stop action flick. Dont dwell on the few things which seem too convenient for Inspector Mclean - its meant to be his movie.


Paras Gandhi said...

Hey funda-M, good review.

One request, dont put the story details of the movie; especially new hollywood movies. It kills the craziness.....

I hope that you will take it in a positive way.


Funda-mentor said...

Yes boss.. but its not like this was a thriller or anything!!! I make it a point not to give away anything when theres something to hide!! anyways.. I appreciate it and will definitely keep this in mind when I am writing a review :) thanks man

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