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Saturday, July 7, 2007

"Aap ka saroor "

This movie has the distinction of belonging to the rare but increasingly growing categories of extremely unwatchable, loosely made films. It surpasses all records of loose editing, bad screenplay, useless dialogues, incoherent situations, and the unique ability of jumping from flashback to the present without the audience having a clue. For all mortals who would still want to hear the non existent storyline...

The movie begins with Himesh (or HR as he is known throughout for some incomprehensible reasons) on a tour in Germany and he is arrested for the murder of a journalist.A sting video apparently shows him misbehaving with and then killing the journo. His time in jail is mostly spent in thinking abt Ria ( Hansika Motwani)...who is his event manager. Love blossoms in typical Reshammiya style with songs in nasal twangs thrown in. There is also a problematic father-of-the-girl who tries to nip the love in the bud. Among these complexities is the villain- (Darshan Jariwala) who is a sponsor but is in deep debt so he wants to remove HR from this planet. Also thrown in is Mallika Sherawat as a lawyer who also doubles up as a bar dancer primarily. The climax is the much awaited revelation that Khurana had worn mask exactly like HR’s face and then killed the journo...so that he could pay off his debts...

Confused ?..Thats exactly how the movie is supposed to make you feel...still feel like going for it ?....May God help you survive the ordeal...amen !!

1 comment:

Funda-mentor said...

hahahahaha... I still cant believe u actually saw this!!! shikha wheres the review for CINEMA PARADISO? likho re!

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