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Saturday, July 7, 2007


Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Ashutosh Rana, Ashish Vidyarthi, Shriya, Mrinalini Sharma
Direction: Mohit Suri

The Movie has borrowed it's theme from Korean Movie A Bittersweet Life.

The movie opens with a container which has brought numerous girls for trading and how one of them tries running but get caught. The next scene with Emraan Hashmi as a Hotel Employee, where a murder has taken place. The person involved in murder is a relative of Emraan's Boss.

The movie rotates around Emraan who had an girlfriend in India who was a Muslim and Emraan an atheist, the movie goes in flash back every now and then for the story of Emraan with his girlfriend Shriya who had died.

To forget all this Emraan came down to Hong Kong and became Trusted man of Don Played by Ashutosh Rana (Mallick). Ashish Vidyarthi (Younger brother of Don Mallick) is against Emraan as the murder in hotel was committed by his son and Emraan handed him to Police.

Ashutosh was going to London and gave Emraan job to check for a Pakistani Lady Mrinalini Sharma, if she has anybody else in her life. Eventually he finds out that there is one and is then instructed to kill her and her boyfriend and then came the twist when Emraan changes from a bad guy to a good guy because he remembers of his Dead girlfriend, the plot for which is very well made in the movie as his Girlfriend has always asked him to free Birds and get the blessings of Allah...

The movie has too much of guns and bloodshed. Shot mostly in HongKong the Art Director was unable to take full use of it. Though the story of the movie is not good enough to leave anything to imagination, individual performances by Ashutosh, Shriya and Ashish are good. Emraan for the first time has not kissed any female in this movie. Though Mohit Suri has not been able to keep up his reputation of Woh Lamhe in this movie but all in all movie is average sort.

Rating 3/10 (Can go for it)


Funda-mentor said...

BAHUT badhiya man... I heard its quiet a decent film.. maybe I will catch it!

Abhishesh said...

This movie should be given 5 ( Dying) STARs...
+ Black holes for bonus..
Kya movie hai..its like traveling back in time..

Prabal Aggarwal said...

u have given rating of 3/10 and still u say we can go for it. And if Emraan doesnt kiss a girl then wat is Emraan all about??? And my god turning from bad guy to good guy, isn't it too much like in spiderman 3 sandman did at end . wat say?

Siddharth Arora said...

well Prabal
I have given it three coz I didn't liked it personally, but it has something for an average Indian viewer and so I said u can go for it.

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