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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Apne - A movie about relationships!!!!!

Rating : 5.5/10

The film Apne is very close to my heart. As it is based on Punjab and being a Punjabi I may be little biased towards its review. This movie is about relationships, emotions and action. The movie mainly revolves around three characters Dharmender (baldev Chaudhry ) and his two sons Angad (sunny deol) and Karan Singh (Booby Deol). The film start from flashback in which a close friend of dharmender giving interview to media about his life, his struggle and how his sons help him to fulfill his dreams and bring back his pride.

Dharmender who was a boxer and won silver medal in Olympics for country and right now staying with his family in small town of Punjab.. But due to jealousy some opponents cheated him and he got dopping charges from American boxing association and banned for 50 years. Because of that he gave challenge to American boxing association that he will prepare one player from his country who become world champion and bring back his pride.

For that dharmender start preparing his son Angad ( sunny deol) but at one point of time due to financial position of home he left boxing and start his business due to which dharmendar start hating him and even stop talking to him. HE was not able to approach his other son Karan Singh (booby deol) because when he was a child in one accident his left hand got paralysed.

But one day his close friend comes to him and tells him that one channel has organized world heavy weight championship and ask him to start coaching. He got one boy who was interested and start giving coaching to him. But when he learnt almost everything from Dharmender he cheated him and joined some Australian coach who made three world champions. Because of this he was almost broken and in between his second son hand start functioning.

So his son ask him that coach me and I will fight for your pride. And like hindi films a hero can do anything he start winning his matches but in finals his opponent (current heavyweight champion) cheated him and won the battle and in that match karan singh was severly injured. So, to take revenge from that player Sunny ask his father to coach him but because he knows that in a month it is difficult to prepare a player who fight against world champion so he refused to coach him.

Here u all know hindi movies sunny start practicing and dharmender son helped me in this and after one month he was ready to fight. And in a good fight match ultimately Angad won and not only take revenge of his brother but also bring back his father pride.

Overall, this movie has everything ya music is not that good but title song was very nicely composed from Himesh a very different from old Himesh Songs.

About performances

Dharmendra is the central force of ‘Apne’. Without him the movie would lose its soul. It is both surprising and pleasing to see Dharmendra deliver a powerhouse .His character’s dream, his dejection, his resentment, his endearing charm and his anger is so very believable. Dharmendra proves yet again that he has not lost command over the craft of acting.

Sunny Deol looks a little aged and worn out for his role in the film. Despite this, he delivers a notable performance. Though for the most part he stays restrained and mellowed, but when his wrath is invoked, the actor gives you goose bumps with his performance.

Bobby Deol’s acting is to the mark. He remains understated and doesn’t have as many dialogues in the film as the other Deols

The film’s heroines Katrina Kaif and Shilpa Shetty have small roles. Kiron Kher is brilliant yet again in a natural performance.

Director Anil Sharma gets many things right in ‘Apne’. Rather than focusing on action, he taps the emotive appeal of the film’s story. The result is a film that can leave you with moist eyes.

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Funda-mentor said...

Kya dil se likha hai dost... Par yaar yeh bataa ,what does this song mean? Apne toh apne hotey hai!!! obviously - thats why they r called apne!

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