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Monday, July 2, 2007

Dot the I - shocking!

Rating : 6.5/10

had seen this movie sometime back but had not planned to write a review of it untill I saw the promo of "NAQUAAB", the soon to be released ABBAS MUSTAN thriller with Akshaye Khanna and Bobby Deol. It seems to be a frame by frame copy of DOT THE I. Even in the promos you know it. I would wish you all to see DOT THE I before this movie comes to the theaters, bcos the film, the story is completely original, shocking and brilliant. Abbaas Mustan have a sure shot success in their hands!

This is not a main stream Hollywood film, it is probably a small budget intelligent flick. It was realased in 2003 and that you might not heard of it, is a testament of of its lack of popular stars. We miss loads of such good films.

There are 3 prime characters in this film and just a dozen extras. One rich, lonely man - Barnaby Caspian (Brilliantly potrayed by James D'Arcy) , one deeply enchanting lady - Carmen Collazo ( Natalia Verbeke - you have to see her to believe her beauty - her sex-appeal, when she dances - you are completely floored) and one poor enchanter Kit Winter(Gael Garcia Bernal - the perfect chocolate boy) The story is about deception and betrayal, but thats true about many triangular love stories. This story is truly different - its shocking.

Carmen is about to marry Barnaby, when on her bachelorette party - she meets this dreamy eyed guy Kit. As a part of some Bachelorette fun, she kisses this stranger in front of the whole restaurant. But its much more than a small kiss, its something deeply seductive. Later, she dwells on the kiss, and starts to think why did she stay lip locked for such a long time with this stranger, when she loved another man. At the same time, Kit falls in love with Carmen ( who wudnt!!!- she's wow) Then starts the betrayal, Carmen's illicit affair with Kit. Meanwhile, some ghost of the past comes back and haunts Carmen. She is afraid for her life, but Barnaby assures her safety and love forever. When Barnaby comes to know about this affair, he is completely shattered. What happens next is what's shocking. You would never know whats happening, and you cant even imagine. Its twisted and truly different.

The performances are simply great - Carmen plays the perfect lady in distress. She exudes amazing feminine sexuality and portays her helplessness with utmost grace. Kit is good , but Barnaby is awesome - playing the multifaceted character with aplomb. The screen play and direction fit the storyline perfectly and I have no complaints. I think this movie would satisfy anybody who sees it. Its the perfect pot-boiler for a Bollywood Flick and hence the apparent lift for Naquaab! The real winner is the story .

This movie was completely written off by Americans and was a complete flop, but still I dont think it deserved that. Maybe it lacks substance and maybe it seems too far fetched, but it is original and shocking.

This movie is rated R for strong sexuality and explicit language, so for all those Under 18, I think Naquaab will be their best way of knowing this twisted script. The thing that goes for this movie is that its not the usual run of the mill kind of stuff. Pick up the DVD today.

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