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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Train

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Sayali Bhagat, Geeta Basra, Aseem Merchant

The Train is just another Indian movie which revolves around two things to catch the audience for the full length of the movie; emotions and skin. The Train, is a rip-off of the Clive Owen-Jennifer Aniston thriller Derailed. Emraan Hashmi is married to Sayali Bhagat and also has a daughter who is suffering from Diabetes since birth and needs to have a kidney transplant. The search for suitable donor is on and that requires more than a million.

Emraan works for an advertising agency in Thailand and is losing out control on his job. His assistant Charlie is the only character who got light moments in the film though for 2 minutes in totality. The movie starts as usual with a hot scene of in bathroom.

Emraan on his way to his once meets Geeta Basra in a train. Emraan who was losing out with his wife got a friend and Geeta also claims to be alone as her husband is busy in his work and is normally out of town. Then starts their love story, which in a short while moved to Emraan’s favorite act Kissing and then they search for a hotel for the night. Just as they were in the room a person (Aseem Merchant) came to rob them, and on taking their wallets he found that they were not husband wife and so he beats up Emraan and then raped Geeta.

Then begins the procedure of blackmailing and extortion. Geeta do not want this story to reach to her husband and so they did not complained to police. The film now revolves around how every move of Emraan to get rid of Aseem goes against him only. The blackmailer took Rs One Million (yes Rupees in Thailand) which Emraan and Sayali have saved for their daughter.
Although the movie follows the blueprint of the original film, it does so, at an almost snail-like pace, killing the audience slowly. The movie becomes so predictable that we 6 friends were watching it and each of knew what’s next.

Though I personally felt that newcomer Sayali Bhagat deserved a better movie to start with but Geeta Basra was more focused on make up then acting. Emraan is again good only for kissing which he does with both the actress in this movie.
2/10 (Skip it)


Funda-mentor said...

Hahaha,,, siddhart it seems u quiet inspired by trains.. First METRO then Train! Waise I didnt dare enter the Movie hall for this one and by the looks of it, I took the right decision.. Hows the music man? Coz I havent heard any from TRAIN.. Cool review...:)

Anonymous said...

Terrible Movie. I agree with Siddharth. Though I loved the skin show!!!

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