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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


While downloading this movie from the hub network, my mind was occupied with very beautiful scenes of movie; obviously those were dreamed things because of title of movie- as at that moment I didn't know anything about the movie. However when I watched this movie, I found it other way round. I was startled as movie started, as there was nothing what I was expecting out of it; but there are lots of things that detest you from unwinding your seat belts. This movie is nothing but the autobiography of Dr John Nash. (Which I came to know later)

This movie is very interesting in the first half, but as it moves on it goes somewhat weird, if and only if you didn’t follow the previous part, so keep your eyes, ears and brains active while watching the movie. Certainly, it roles on the monotonous back so it becomes quite cumbersome to watch but don’t let your nerves loose; it’s a good movie.

This is a real story of a mathematician from US studying at Princeton University, Dr John Nash. This movie’s starting part shows the approach of his study since his college days. This guy used to work heavily on mathematics, for each and every thing he tried to go through mathematics. He said, “Classes will dull your mind & destroy the potential of authentic creativity”. (Please make a note of it). He had been focused on the governing dynamics throughout his career. He was so engrossed with his work that he got alienated from his fellows, as he always thought that their dances and sport can be cause for his distraction from experiments and studies, socially estranged. He wanted to publish the paper of his original idea, not the one which is already there. But he ends up doing work on Economics, through governing dynamics. To find the answer for how he ends up in economics, his authentic creativity, watch the movie.

Middle part of the movie is quite sluggish, so bear with that. Dr. Nash- believer in numbers, equations and logic; gets the Nobel Prize in 1994 (most coveted honor on this earth) for his theories. During his speech, at the prize ceremony, he gives credit to his lady-love (wife) and says that love is the only equation which is mysterious for him.

He is the man who came up with “Non-cooperative Game Theory”. This theory helped to develop equilibrium in non-cooperative environment; where amongst the players nobody knows what will be the outcome as there is no explicit or implicit binding between the players and their strategies. John has shown that under such constraints there is at least one possible static outcome. This theory is now known as “Nash Equilibrium” His theories have influenced global trade relations, national labor relations and even breakthroughs in evolutionary biology.

Watch this movie; only if you like this review.


Funda-mentor said...

Come on man,, this is a movie worth a watch. What about his psychological problem - isnt it kind of a suspense? What about the performance, isnt it brilliant? I do think the slug in between was required, after all it wasnt made for the sake of entertainment, but to tell a story - and it stays true to that. A brilliant man, brilliantly potrayed by Russel Crowe and a very good movie indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paras, I agree this is a good movie,... n I do agree that the plot is a bit slow in between. But the performances were great.


Paras Gandhi said...

Hey, it's true. It is a very good movie, but again I am supposed to give real review- thats why I have written about its slug part. Choice is of readers, isn't it???

Thanx for comments.


Funda-mentor said...

Hey,,, yeah sure.. I know its your opinion and I respect that. I hope u keep pasting ur opinions. I was just discussing and putting my point of view :)


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