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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Shootout at Lokhandwala - Utter Crap!

Overall Rating : 2.5 / 10

Dear friends, sorry for being about a week late, but God was actually trying hard for me to miss this movie. You know, he always wants good for me, but I screwed it all up by going to the cinema on a weekday!

To say that the movie is bad, will be an understatment. Waste of good god-damn reels! And to think that it has got half the movie industry in it is an even bigger disgrace. Apoorva Lakhia has tried to out do his best work yet "Mumbai se Aaya mera Dost" but has failed. He could touch those lows, but god knows he tried.

Let me berate the movie now.

1) Direction : I would give him 5/5 on my Egg-O-meter for the mindless script, appaling screenplay and disgusting casting. (Tushar kapoor as a gun-weilding goon inflicting terror is not the worst goof up)

2) Songs : Thank god there were only 3 songs, because they were utter non-sense and yeah, this must be probably Ganesh's worst choreographed film in a long time.

3) Acting : Sanjay Dutt and Viviek play characters they are comfortable with. Nothing special to write about. Suneil shetty, Amitabh Bachchan, Arbaaz Khan are over the top. The other goons try hard to ape Mumbai Bhai's but fail miserably.Not at all convincing. They just over do the Bhai thing. Nobody acts like that. What was Diya Mirza doing as a reporter? They could have taken any Make-up Girl and she would have been more convincing. Special Mention for Tusshar Kapoor - He is hillarious guys. Simply hillarious. Imagine he sitting beside Suneil shetty and saying "Poora Bench Andar Daal Dunga" hahahahaha It was one of the most amazing scenes in History of cinema!

4) Dialogues: The less I talk about it the better.

5) Screenplay : Probably the worst of all. One shot the goons are threatening the heros and suddenly they are sitting in a bar enjoying Bar Dancer's pelvic thrusts!

And there is some mystery involved in the film aswell. Who the hell does Suniel shetty keep calling? Is it Sanjay Dutt's wife? That would explain the mindless divorce scene. And yeah one more, where do the Sardar's come in? Why? What was the need for bringing them in when they had no connection with the gangsters? Maybe to give Abhisheik Bachchan a cameo, so that they could add them to the promos!

People had told me that this film is OK. I can't understand how. This sentence is as Exaggerated
as the Strut of Viviek Oberoi, as the Mumbhaiya Lingo used, as the Gung Ho scenes. The film is Utter Crap. Don't agree???
Shud have been named Stay Outta Lokhandwala!


taru said...

m sorry but it seems u r venting out ur frustration for tushar kapoor on the whole movie .. i dont think it was bad at all .. yes ofcourse there were some loopholes n then there was tushar kapoor.. but overall it did fine ... u said it was a weekday .. had a bad day at office or sth ..

**x said...

forget tushar
movie was gud

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