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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pirates of the Carribean 3- At last ENDS!!!

Overall Rating : 5 /10

Frankly speaking, Pirates of the Carribean - At Worlds End is too long and boring. The first half nearly puts you to sleep with its drowzy pace. Though the second half is engaging, but overall this franchise turns to be the most dissapointing one of the lot. This is again in terms of the anticipation it had built.

The movie starts where the second movie ended, with everybody setting out to rescue Jack Sparrow from the worlds end. So they set out to get him back, wherein their actual motive is getting a pendant which Sparrow has to complete 9 elements possessed by 9 Pirate Captains( I hope its 9, I have already forgotten!!!). This is needed to set free the "Octopuss Head" villian's girlfriend and unleash havoc on the British. The story is long and winding and in between I gave up actually trying the understand what was happening. The plot is how to foil the British plan of total PIRATE annihilation, to get the "heart kept in the small chest" of our Octupuss head villian and get Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley married. Thats the basic pretext for making this long winding movie.

There are several problems with the movie. A long and confusing story line, a plethora of unwanted characters, an indecent proclivity of the director to extract humour from each and every scene and a lack of proper editing. Though it does has its pluses : Johnny Depp ( though sometimes you do feel they are trying too hard to get those laughs) , the background score is amazing, the special effects are truely spectacular and the final battle sequence is also engaging. But the director should have been more careful of not complicating the plot too much and not making a dish which he himself would find hard to swallow.

Go to the screens only if you are a die-hard fan of this franchise, Johnny depp or you have nothing else to do. The second half is definitely worth a watch.

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