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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Shooter - Old Fashioned Timepass

Rating: 5 /10

Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg. Well, I dont think most of you must have heard aboutthe movie. When I was in Mumbai I did not bother to see this film in the theater, but this week it was released in Chennai, so I went over yesterday and I must say it was Total timepass, fultoo paisa vasool, though nothing special-unique.

It has no hi-fi gizmos, no animation, no techno-gimmickery; Just plain and simple, old fashion gun-bomb action. Yeah, that what makles it different in this era. Its the Rocky 1:First Blood Types, where the hero is chased by everyone, untill hero fights back and kills them all!

Mark Wahlberg is a shooter (for the US army) and can blow a head from about 2 miles away. He is an expert and he is sent on a covert operation in Africa. He does his job, but is left to fend for himself as the US forces leave him behind. He gets back and leaves the force, feeling betrayed and also, his friend(whos his watcher) dies in the mission. After a few years, some people from the government come in and tell him that someone is planning to assasinate the president. If he could plan out , How a shooter could pull off this job from 2miles away, they could get this guy. He falls prey to this Government Conspiracy and his plan is used top assasinate the president. Does the president die? What happens next? Well, he is chased by the whole of US force as he is blamed for the death. Now, he has to make a plan and take revenge for this elaborate set up. And he does that with style and aplomb.

Its a timepass fare which is entertaining. Mark Wahlberg, Micheal Pena and Danny Glover make a terrific trio and carry the movie on their shoulders. The director has done us all a great favor by going back to the gun weilding, bomb exploding machoism. Enjoy if you get a soft copy.

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