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Sunday, June 10, 2007


Braveheart is an American 1995 historical action/drama produced and directed by Mel Gibson, who also starred in the title role. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Randall Wallace (who also wrote the screenplay), Gibson portrays the historic Scottish figure of William Wallace who becomes the figurehead of the First War of Scottish Independence, opposed by Edward I of England (Patrick McGoohan) and abetted by Edward's daughter-in-law Princess Isabelle (Sophie Marceau) and the heir-apparent to the Scottish throne, Robert the Bruce (Angus MacFadyen).
I saw this movie around eight years back. I was having tyfoid at that time and was not able to prepare for my engineering entrance exams. In such a miserable condition, I lost all hope. But, one day by chance I saw this movie on TV. There were only handful of farmers of Scotland with no proper arms, against the full army of England. Inspite of all the odds Scots won under the leadership of William Wallace. I was so much inspired that I thought, if handful of farmers can beat the army of 50,000, then I can get the admission in one of the best colleges. And I simply got up and started studying back with increased enthusiasm and efficiency.

The best line I picked from the movie is “Your heart is born free!! Have the courage to follow it!!” . This movie is still the inspiration for me.

The movie is action packed, taking us back to 13th century. The battle of Stirling gives the first platform to William Wallace to become leader of Scotish rebellion against Britishers. While watching this scene, one can notice the oratory skills, convincing power, wit, shrewdness, planning and fighting skills of Wallace. The battle of Falkirk marks the downfall of Wallace and his following. But, along with downfall his fame spreads like fire and he becomes legend for centuries to come.

I will recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in history, action and dialogue delivery.


Funda-mentor said...

Oye,,, sahi hai man... Movie itni inspiring hai ki tujhe THAPAR main admission dilwaa di! Badhiya ... Waise I have somehow never seen this movie completely. Hai kya tere paas? Wanna watch it.Waise Mel makes some really historic movies!

Anonymous said...

ooo.. oNE OF my all time favourites... Rock ONNNNNNNNN

Prabal Aggarwal said...

Yes funda mentor. i do have copy of it. and will give it to u on reaching mumbai :)

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