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Monday, June 11, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen - Good, Clean Fun.

Rating: 6 / 10

This 6 rating is for OK types story, the fundu start cast, the style and execution of the movie by the director and the subtle humour. The plus point of this movie is that this movie stays true to the whole series. The underlying theme, the characters, the jokes, the style remains the same.

But, Alas the plot and the execution of the theft is not as intriguing and exciting as the first movie. Even the 2nd movie had a more interesting plot.In this movie the director depends more on style and jokes, because the plot is very simple, straightforward and predictable.

As you all know AL PACINO comes into the already glittering star-cast. But truly speaking, any other actor would have done, because he is not given a beefy role. Instead, he is the meekest of all the adversaries of Mr.Ocean(George Clooney) till date. He is conned and tricked quiet easily. Clooney and Pitt are cool as always, delivering one liners with panache. The others are cool aswell.

The plot is like this. Al Pacino does a partnership with One of the Ocean's eleven(old guy) and then tricks him out of the deal, after usurping his land. The Old guy gets a heart attack. The other 10 gather and they plan the revenge. And one by one they infiltrate Al's Casino and destroy his Opening Night and his EGO. They do it quiet easily, that's the sad part.

Overall, its worth a watch at the big screen. So go without big expectations and you will enjoy.


Red E said...

An absolute drabber...
Watched it on a friday night after I came out of a dismal baseball game only to be disappointed with the sheer absence of creativity or newness.

The same old plot, the same old faces and the worst thing, a wasted super-actor.

After watching some of his other performances the same week in The insider, Donnie Brasco and Any Given Sunday, I was suprised to see how Sodernbergh wasted Al Pacino in this movie.

A sure Don't Go on this one from my side. You are better off watching the Pirates (at least it has the beautiful Kiera)

Funda-mentor said...

Hahahahaha... Well Pirates was pathetic - Half my friends slept during the first half!

I agree with u, AL PACINO was completed wasted man. and the plot was unimaginative, straightforward. But overall a timepass fare, atleast it doesnt put u to sleep!

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