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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Euro Trip

Hey guys, excuse me for reviewing a bit old movies. This movie was released in FEB 2004. This movie goes on the same line like Van Wilder, What Woman Wants or Boat Trip; but cannot match any one. Director had made an attempt to incorporate best possible romantic comedy, however casting suits the character in best possible way. It’s just one and half hour movie, but if you are interested to watch then don’t buy DVD, get the pirated copy- that’s what it deserves.

It starts with college convocation ceremony, here we are introduced to college kids, who are striving to find mate for their life (may be because of lust or very unlikely love). Here hero (Scott Thomas) gets a clean chit from his babe (Fiona) and ends up loosing his college babe. Then comedy (so called) comes all the way to entertain you, nice scenes, indeed. Scott finds himself in mess…., meanwhile get in touch with one cyber friend (Mika). Duo gets tuned in very perfectly…, so they plan to visit. But again to the dismay of Scott, he makes mistake and considers Mika as a male and end up in disaster. First half of movie was really on good track, but second half couldn’t convince my mind.

Then Scott decides to come down to Berlin, Mika’s place. He gets accompanied by his friend Cooper and two other during the journey. Next part of the movie starts with journey from America to Berlin. During their journey they go through lots of ups and downs and all these things are blended with amazing casting, comedy and scenes. Because of some constraints they travel throughout the Europe to get down at Berlin. That’s why the name to movie is “EuroTrip”.

The last scene in Rome at Vatican City doesn’t worth watching; don’t miss it….. This movie finds the different jokes related to different countries and region in all best possible perspectives, but fails miserably. At some point director had pulled the things, but you cannot digest it; you need to gulp it… You will face lots of worthless sex japes one after other without any break, so have something while watching the movie (if you don’t have any other movie to watch)…So it’s in your hand, whether to watch it or not.


Anonymous said...

hahaha this movies is too funny.. ehehehehehe...

Prabal Aggarwal said...

Paras this is cheating. i was planning to write the review of this movie and was shocked to see ur review today. Anyway its pure fun to see it again and again

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