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Sunday, February 8, 2009

DEV D - Emotional Achaar

Anurag Kashyap is back. Back with a vengeance. He listened to what audience told him for 'No Smoking'.

'Dev D' might not become a super duper hit but it will be one of the good films of this year. A modern day Devdas with a twist in the end. A typical multiplex film with all the masala of a hindi film and more. A bit more closer to life than the earlier versions of Sarat Chandra's novel.

The movie credits show that the concept of the film is by Abhay Deol! He is showing early signs of becoming a film maker!

Anurag is a master for extracting superlative performances from each & every person in the frame. Also, the film unit thanks Danny Boyle in the beginning. Dunno know why! (The shot takings, cuttings and the dark backgrounds remind of Slumdog!)

With this film, Abhay Deol proves that he is a top notch actor. Makes the Deol family proud.

New kids on the block - Mahi & Kalki give stellar performances as Paro & Chandramukhi respectively.

A bit long...but worth a watch. The film has an in your face attitude in the dialogues which really makes it a class apart. Not to be watched with your parents! (Advise)

Anurag has added all ingredients to make an emtional Achaar...its truly lip-smacking stuff!

I will give a 7/10
(A bit generous rating for Anurag since he has shown tremendous improvement over 'No Smoking')

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Karen said...

It's on my list of movies to see.


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