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Monday, January 26, 2009

Dilli 6 - Music review

Dilli 6: MUSIC REVIEW - Well, to start with, it's a bit unfair to review A.R.Rahman's music. Because, if its Rahman, then the music ought to be good. And i am no grandmaster in music to review Rahman's work.

But never the less, i can still blog my point from a music lover's eye.

Dilli 6 is a collector's edition. Like any other music composition of Rahman, Dilli 6 will also take time to grow on you. The songs are embedded in the story line which would make u luv them once u watch the film.

All da best to Rahman for the Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire. Pray that he wins and make India proud.


Ritu said...

me with you!! I simply loved "Dil gira dafatan"...there’s something SO soothing about this song…it seems to go on the same note but the note has an element of eternity..."rehna tu", "arziyan" are signature Rahman songs!

Kanika said...

Hi guys,

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Pavan said...

@Ritu: Yeah...the songs are really soothing...My fav is Masakali!
I also luv the title track 'Dilli'; its lyrics are fantastic!

@Kanika: Yes. Lekin uske liye kya karna padega?

anDY said...

i love the last 2 mins of rehna tu...starting from 4:30..check it out;)

Pavan said...

Yes Andy! Rehna tu is a path breaking song...brilliant composition...and the last bit of the song is amazingly amazing!

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