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Sunday, January 18, 2009

CC2C: Another Akki mindless crapper but this time fails to impress

I m writing this review on behalf of my parents who just saw CC2C today. They aren't so net-savvy, so i thought i will play their nice beta and write their view of the film. I m trying to be as exact (in meaning) as possible.

CC2C fails to impress. First half is better than the second one since its more of comedy. Second half is all dishoom-dishoom. The village & the great Wall of China are the two
Chinese places shown in the movie. Akshay as usual satisfies with his comics. Deepika fights well.

The story is a bit difficult to digest. Long film. Music isn't good. Finally, CC2C cannot match up Welcome & Sinngh iss Kinng.

My comments: Akki bhai, i think u are over doing the comedy bit. I ain't talking abt your acting. But the type of movies. U need to re-invent. I am hoping dat your upcoming film called 'Blue' would do the trick for you. But again in this year, u are coming with another punjabi comedy.
Anyways, if SRK can do his stuff again & again & again & again & again & again...then u too hav the right to do ur stuff again & again & again & again & again..

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