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Friday, December 26, 2008

Movie Reviews - Ghajini and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi ... A tale of 2 superstars....

Hi everyone.... I am back :) If you are wondering where I was --- I was busy getting married... So now I am Merrily Married! 

In the meantime I got the chance of slipping away for 2 of the most awaited movies of the year... The New Year has truly been BASHED by Bollywoods 2 biggest stars - one with his Ham, other with his Wham Bam....

1st -- Ghajini

Rating : 5.5 / 10 
My Say : Pure Brawn, little brain....

Probably the most Hyped / Super Marketed Movie of all time! And By God does it need that kind of marketing :) 

My Fav - Aamir is back and with a tank of a body.... Ghajini is probably the most unique movie of year 2008. It probably fulfills Aamir's fetish to work in a complete and total Southie Style Action-Masala flick.. Hats off to the actor to try something extremely different, but not Hats off to the movie though. Awesome in parts, absurd in a few and dragging in the dieing minutes...

My rating is completely due to : 1) A good first half. 2) Aamir's effortless take on both the Stylish businessman and the brute force of destruction. 3) A stellar debut by Asin. 

There is a scene where the police keep an unconsious Aamir bare chested on a table. You look at his brute body and you are reminded of the incredible hulk. His huffs, puffs, roars, spits are as dangerous as his punches - which break bones, turn heads... The amazing thing is Aamir makes it believable. You arent amazed when he bashes up 20 people at one time, coz you already know its possible.

The other telling scene is when Aamir first meets Asin. Aamir bearly speaks a word but speaks volumes and Asin keeps mumbling and steals the show. Asin is a brilliant actress and mark my words, she is gonna give bollywood beauties a run for their money. Rarely have I seen an actress doing comedy so effortlessly, ala Sridevi and Madhuri.

Apart from that,  the movie is a complete masala, no brainer type wham -bam Southie brainbuster. The coincidences, plot are actually extremely funny... The first half gives good entertainment but the second half gives a weird twist in the tale and then an extremely predictable ending. Towards the end you start praying the hero does not forget everything again , now that he has built up all the anger and momentum! But he does.... N you start jumping in your chair. Then he remembers everything again and the film comes close to conclusion... Then a song starts and you wonder if this will ever end, you feel as pulverised as the villian towards the end... But fortunately it ends... 

If the director would have given it a more Hindi film sensibility, the editor would have made the film tighter, this would have been a much better movie. Actually, the end frustrates you and hence you leave with a confused state of mind. Don't ask about logic, because it generally fails. What keeps you glued is Aaamir and totally him in the second half. The rating is justified because its kind of a fun watch with friends and has a good first half. The weakest part of the movie is A.R.Rahman's music and that is truly a cardinal sin. 

Is it watchable?... Yes ofcourse,,, if u love Aamir - 100%, if you love Mithunda then too , if you like Rajni films -absolutely... Other than that ,,, sorry guys - its not your piece of cake.... Its Pure Brawn,,, little brain!! 

2nd -- Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Rating : 4 / 10
My Say: Sab ki Bajaa Di Thodi.....

The second superstar does what he does best... Hammmm.... Rab Ne Banaa Di Jodi is a semi-sweet, mostly-idiotic film.  Whatever you say, you can expect much much more from the director who has given a classic like DDLJ. Even though I had my reservations already, because I had seen the 2nd film by Aditya "Mohabbatein - Crap Galore" I went for it with a hope. But that hope was quashed within 40 minutes. 

You would all be knowing the storyline by now. A shy-guy marries a bubbly dame under filmy ciurcumstances. Then he tries to woo her by disguising as a roadside romeo. Now, he wants to test the girl and see who wins, him or the other him....!!!!! Absurd, yet true. 

SRK as Suri the shy-guy is cute. The few scenes in the beginning where he tries but fails to woo her wife, are extremely endearing. But as soon as his alter ego Mr.Raj arrives, the HAM show begins - that character is simply unbearable. The new girl also gets her cue from the Ham King SRK and follows suite. The  transformation of a shy-guy  to an out and out flirt is unbelievable. If it would have been a case of split personalities, I would have given this movie 7 / 10!!! Atleast that makes sense! As if that wasnt enough, the final "Mujhe Tum Main Rab Dikhta hai Finale" certainly made me puke !!! 

I certainly missed my friends, because this movie gave many opportunities to collectively hoot and ridicule. It atleast would have made the others enjoy the movie! 

One thing that I loved in the movie were the songs... Awesome... Thats what helped me increase its rating to around 4...  

Truly ,, iss SRK movie ne Sab ki Bajaa Di Thodi...


Prabal Aggarwal said...

saale !!! itni jaldi bhabhi se permission mil gayi blogging ke liye :)

Prabal Aggarwal said...

and teri pic on the poster is looking too good :)

Anish Goyal, India said...

I have seen this movie. Would like to differ a bit from ur opinion :-)
Though I agree that while watching it seemed a fraud movie without much sense. But in the end, I must say they showed what audience wants to see (as in DDLJ...I believe DDLJ was also not that great a movie either). The concept of unconditional love as shown in movie by the metaphoric idea of seeing God in ur lover does exist in Indian literature. Some punjabi poems/writings that I read in school used to have a person seeing God in lover and seeing lover in God.

So overall it made for a decent movie. SRK playing two opposite roles in a single movie and Anshuka playing a more than show-piece kind of role are some of the commendable things.

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