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Friday, December 26, 2008

Maharathi - Worth a dekho

Maharathi: 6/10
Based on a Gujarati play, Maharathi brings great actors under one roof; namely- Paresh Rawal, Nasseeruddin Shah & Boman Irani.

Maharathi has good suspense and drama but u feel something amiss when u come out of the movie theatre.
Paresh Rawal is the raste ka chor who saves Nasseer's life and gets a job of a driver in the latter's house. Nasseer is an alchoholic film maker or rather a forgotten film maker who has made hugely successful films in the past. He has a hen-pecking but sexy wife played by Neha Dhupia.

Nasseer is fed up with his life and commits suicide....But before he kills himself he challenges Neha to prove that he was murdered in order to get hold of a 24 million dollar insurance policy. That scene is amazingly shot.
Neha doesn't take up the challenge but Paresh Rawal convinces her that it's very easy to prove that Nasseer was murdered and had not committed suicide. Thus begins an interesting plot. However, it loses steam in the second half especially towards the end. The end has twists & turns but is a drag with Om Puri coming in as the investigating officer. Finally, Paresh has good luck on his side to make him a Maharathi, which is a bit difficult to digest.

The movie still is good enough to get a 6/10 for Paresh Rawal's performance, the dark look & feel of the movie, impressive art direction and no songs which is an added advantage.

The movie was released during the Mumbai Terror attack which impacted its box-office collections. But its a must watch on DVD when it comes out or when it is shown on any satellite channel.

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