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Monday, October 6, 2008

Movie Review : Hellboy 2 - What the hell !!!

Genre : Super Hero
Rating : 3 / 10
My say : Seriously, What the hell?

Dunno where to start. HellBoy, the boy from hell who is now part of the freak platoon bread by the US government to fight the paranormal, the weird, the absurd....

So we are given this hero from Hell called "RED" who craves of being known, of being loved by the people he protects. His wife is Pyro girl who is pregnant and hiding this condition from him. His sidekick is an amphibian called "BLUE", the brainy guy who gets kicked before being saved by the hero. And then there is a Gas Ball - who is the cliched fun element.

Our team of freaks are out to save the world by preventing the villian from letting lose the indestructible GOLDEN ARMY. If they dont do this, the Golden Army would destroy, eliminate humanity.... yawnnn...

And then you see a sequence of lame action sequences and jokes. The director probably thinks that special effects, weird creatures are enough to make a hit. Sorry buddy, no ways.... It seems as though they had this year long session on making weird creatures and forgot about the story, so used all the weridos they had designed! After a while , you can't help but say "WHAT THE HELL"???

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