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Monday, October 20, 2008

Karz-All Song No Movie:Shayad Mera Kisi Par Karz Tha

Rating: 0.5/10
From Karz to Karzzzzz .From Rishi Kapoor to Himesh Reshammiya. From Dard-e-dil to Masahalla-the movie was a complete mockery.There were songs at the drop of a hat and none were worth it.The biggest shocker was Ek Haseena Thi by Himesh.Gosh!!What was that!! It looked as if he was at gunpoint when he was singing the same.Uski awaaz hi nahi nikal rahi thi.
The story is well known to us.The movie was copied scene to scene from the earlier version.
Ravi Verma: Dino Morea
Monty/Ravi: Himesh Reshammiya
Kamini: Urmila
The few modifications being that of an airplane instead of a car.Sir Juda played by Gulshan Grover looked like a mere formality.Rohini H playing Monty's mother was just like Nirupa Roy of the past.Too much melodrama and loud acting from her end until she was mute in the second half.
Let me tell you the original Karz was far more engaging and when you are attempting a remake atleast put in presentable actors not people like Himesh.If I was a acting teacher I would have said that yes Himesh has made some improvement from the last film but then that is not what an audience wants to see.Even if Dino Morea would have been the lead in the entire movie , atleast I could have sit through the movie and Hari Om wont have sounded like Hurry Home!!!.
Urmila has delivered a good performance and suited her character but nothing to beat what Simi Garewal had done in the original movie.Not even in this technological age any effects were added too show the requisite impact of a thriller.
A movie to cater only to purely Himesh's fans.If there are any I am sure they will love the movie.


Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

hehehehe... hurry home.!!!

abhijeet said...

Durga Khote was mother in Karz and not Nirupa Roy

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