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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Amazing movie "RATATOUILLE"

PIXAR clearly differentiated itself from all others by getting top of the animated film category; with the help of “RATATOULLE”. The amazing film I have ever seen in animated film category. This is indeed the great combination of the animation and indigenous ideas.

This is a story of rat ‘Remy’ who help to revamp the slothful restaurants of ‘Gusteau’.

Remy used to live with his colony of rats in one house, when house owner come to know about rat colony, he makes them to leave the area. During this mess Remy gets separated from his colony. Remy has a very good sense of smell, and he was using that sense to save colony from rat killer poisons. He became very fond of the recipe by ‘Gusteau’, he used to read that.

When Remy was alienated from his colony, he had that recipe book by ‘Gusteau’ with him. Then ‘Gusteau’ talks with Remy as a spirit form. Then ‘Gusteau’ guides Remy to go to his restaurant and use his talent since he already read the book.

There he finds the garbage boy, who doesn’t have any knowledge about cooking. Then with help of his gift of incredible sense of smell he makes a wonderful soup, and it becomes hit, meanwhile this garbage boy get that this soup was made by Remy, that little chef. Then Remy agrees to help garbage boy for cooking in Gusteau’s kitchen.

Then the way he controls the action of garbage boy, is amazing. Plot is the best animated plot and it resembles far better than Ice-age series. Then sequence goes on like

Friendship…finest cooking…getting praised…jealousy….love…something like climax…..family…colony…food…..rats cooking for human beings….successful Gusteau’s restaurant......................................................Don't miss it.

Animated movie lovers, don't miss the movie.

“Anyone can cook” “Not everyone can become great artist but great artist can come from anywhere”

1 comment:

Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

I agree Paras, The film certainly ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS..........can u please give the movie a rating.. people apprectiate a rating.

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