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Friday, June 8, 2007

You've Got Mail

Hey guys, since last couple of weeks I had been addicted to watch movies. This is the first summer in my life which I have been enjoying a lot by watching movies.

So here I am making an attempt to brief about the movie "You've Got Mail". While downloading this movie I was quite ambiguous with the name of movie. However I am very clear with it now. This movie was released in DEC 1998, a bit old but good one to see at least once.

This movie starts with conversation through mail of two individuals. These two individual didn't know each other and the fact that they have shown is that they are not discussing anything personal on mail; personal means name, profession, and family. Tom hanks (Joe Fox) and Meg Ryan (Kathleen Kelly) are two main characters who keeps the movie rolling. Here Kathleen owns the book store, inherited from her mom. On the other hand Fox plans to start new book store just opposite to former one. The latter one is big super book store and obviously it attracts the customers of Kathleen's store.

Meanwhile it affected the business of Kathleen, so she was very embarrassed with the problem. Duo had been shown mailing each other throughout the movie. They met each other but they didn't aware that whom they met is the same individual with whom they chat and mail. They mail each and everything happened with them and asks for solution from each other. Although they were enemy of each other in their business, Fox provides a problem solution and boosts her to stand up against the problem and face it with courage and so she does.

At one point they decide to meet but before meeting Fox come to know that the individual whom he had been mailing for long is nothing but Kathleen, so he didn't turn up as an opposite mailer but visits her as a Fox. However at the end she finds running her store as a fruitless activity, so she closes her store and fixes her mind with the anger for Fox; as if he ruined her life. Meanwhile both of them break up with their mates. After this Fox realizes that she is the best fit for him and he is in love with her and likely Kathleen feels; but still she is not aware that the dreamt individual is Fox. Now here comes the climax point, wherein Fox looks for the space in Kathleen's life, even though he knew that she hates him. Eventually his mail hits her inbox and they meet each other and hug...

This all justifies the tagline of the movie “Someone you pass on the street may already be the love of your life”

Movie is a bit monotonous but it makes you to be at your sit till it ends, that’s something special about this movie.

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Funda-mentor said...

Dost , I certainly believe that this movie is more than justa watch. I think this movie is one of the best romantic comedies made. Its sweet, its lovable, its complete timepass and the acting is superb. How can u go wrong with Tom Hanks and the queen of romantic comedies, Meg Ryan! Anyways.. Good review , hope u wud keep writing many more during ur enjoyable summers and beyond

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