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Friday, May 18, 2007

Rock-ing Balboa .. All Heart...

Genre : Drama
Rating : 5.5 / 10

"It's not how hard you HIT, but how quickly you can bounce back after getting HIT and surge ahead.." thats the message Rocky gives to his son in this Rocking comeback. "One last time" Rocky entralls us, delights us, makes us feel for him, makes us happy and gives it all he has. Rocky Balboa - the movie is all heart, much like the 2 - time champion who faught hard and never gave up.

You can't help but laugh at the subtle jokes, jog through the good old memories with "Sly", marvel at the 60- odd year old superstar, cheer him when he's giving his best in the ring. You simply dis-regard the slow pace of the movie, because you wanna see more, you wanna hear more fond stories, wanna go through those amazing flashbacks. If you go to the theaters expecting action, please be aware that ROCKY was never about those fights, it was never about the action, but about the "pure will of a great fighter", his life, his experiences, its celebration of the fighting spirit of man and thats what the latest franchise is all about. Maybe you would laugh at the idea of a 60 year old man going back into the ring to fight a 20 odd year old heavy weight champion. But you quietly sit through the raw emotions and smile. Its a terrific feel good movie.

Sly- old'sylvester is amazing. He captivates you with his expressive eyes, his short repartees, his old stories, his emotionally charged dialogues, his will, his strenght, his relationships with his son, a lady named "Little Mary", her son and ofcourse Pappy - his old trainer. He's a one man army, who cannons you past the 2 hours film in a jiffy.

Watch this film, if you are a die-hard rocky fan, coz u wont be dissapointed. Dont go with an intention to see a bout - but go to watch a splendid FAREWELL, a tribute, a homeage to one of the greatest on-screen characters in the history of cinema "ROCKY".
To those who have'nt seen any of the ROCKY movies - go and watch it to see the power of a man - everyone thot was finished. I am sure you would be inspired to see all the other movies.


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