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Friday, May 18, 2007

Review of 4 movies "Hatrick, Eklavya, Pursuit of Happyness and Last King of Scotland"


Hatrick : Stumped , Caught and Bowled!
Genre: Drama oops Comedy oops Even the Director doesn’t know!
Rating: 3.5 on the scale of 10

Well, should have been more like “Run Out, Handling the Ball and Hit wicket!” All embarrassing to say the least. It starts off really well, with the story of these 3 crazy cricket lovers (Kunal, Paresh and Danny) and 1 “Khadooos” Doctor (dunno what’s the problem with Nana’s character!!) Another director trying out his hand on a “Crash” style story of seeming unrelated stories joined by a common string (this time its cricket and nothing else) Infact the stories don’t even converge. The director tries hard to push emotions into this comedy (and really really spoils it). Recreating the magical simplicity of emotions in Munnabhai is amazingly tough and the director of Hatrick falls flat on his face trying. He wants to make you feel for the characters and at the very next moment laugh at their jokes. Even the tension seems to be forced and by the time you have hit ur watch for seemingly having stopped functioning about 20 times the movie ends! Thank god. It’s a pity what starts off with such promise ends a total dampener!

Advice : Cheq out Sizzling RIMI SEN ( but on TV !!!) Please don’t venture into the cinema hall for it, download it or get the DVD if you must see it.


Eklavya : The royal Guard
Genre: So called Shakespearean like Saga
Rating: 2 on 10

You feel frustrated looking at this so called SAGA. An artistic creation of a visionary director – My foot!!! What you get on screen in EKLAVYA is the creation of a director who is so full of himself that he wants to be the hero in all the scenes. The director wants to overshadow each actor on screen. He makes it clear that he is GOD and everything belongs to him and no body can steal his spotlight. Mr. Vidhu Vinod Chopra should get a reality check and dump his ego in the pothole! The camera moves round, zig zag , up and down etc etc and each scene is shot made to look aesthetically perfect! In this exercise the actors lose their existence. The conceited director forgets that he needs his cast to have lines – not lengthy pauses, he needs a story – and not just a savagery of beautiful long shots, he needs good songs etc etc.

I would put this in one of the worst directed movies of all times just to deflate the director’s BLOATED ego. Eklavya : the royal guard is a reminder to Vidhu Vinod to stick to Producing Munnabhai. Maybe, that way he could retain his credibility.

Pursuit of Happyness
Genre: Drama
Rating: (5 + 2) on 10

Here’s a movie with its heart at the right place, specially made for the Oscars J It’s a true life story of a black guy struggling to keep afloat and feed his family. He has made this investment into an obsolete product and struggles to get his money back. While his wife steps outta his life because of the perpetual state of penury, his son is his lease of life. The movie is the pursuit of Happiness – quiet literally. How this guy burns the midnight oil, manages his son, does his course, does his sales business and stays afloat pursuing the dream of one day making it big. It’s a simple story with a tremendously motivating theme. Will Smith is absolutely fabulous and makes you laugh, cry and breathe with him. His sincerity in the role makes it one of his best.

5 for the movie and 2 added for a truly INSPIRING story + great acting performance.

Go for it – it’s a good story, well packaged and had good performances.


The last King of Scotland
Genre: Reality
Rating: ( 6 + 2 ) on 10

Wow, finally a movie that rocks. Last King of Scotland is simply amazing. 6 for the movie and 2 for the superlative performances by the two main leads!

It’s the true story of the totally bonkers DICTATOR of Uganda – Idi Amin . The personality of this guy is simply riveting – at once a saint and the very other a devil. Idi Amin lives again through Forest Whitaker. The story is of a young doctor from Scotland who comes to Uganda for a social cause and is tricked into being the personal physician by the dictator. The young doc becomes his most loved and closest advisor – whilst he is unawares of the Dictators evil ways. I wouldn’t want to disclose anything, coz I wish you watch it.

Simply put its entertaining. Watch it positively – 1) for actually knwing what kind of misery was inflicted in Uganda by this eccentric Dictator and 2) for the superb performances.
A Mast - Must Watch Movie!

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