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Friday, May 18, 2007

Review: Spiderman 3- Its biggest enemy lies within the script!!!

Rating : 4.5 / 10

I went to this movie with a lot of expectations and am sorry to say they were squandered rather brutally. The special effects may be mind boggling but u end up laughing at the predictability of the movie most of the times. It has a plethora of relationships and each person or villian is given a humane- positive side. Also, Its too much like a 80's hindi film, with Bhaiyaa, dosti, sacrifice, uncle, aunty, pyaar, etc etc. You would probably laugh (as most of the audience is) when people turn up in the opportuned place at the opportuned time and you will beat ur head at some corny mushy scenes! The director , the script writer should be whipped for such a cliched movie! Who can bear a super hero crying, dancing, prancing, being jealous all the while. The conflict within is also amateurish - seriously and why the hell after so much distruction does the sand man suddenly turn good in the end? U seriously will have many doubts and dissapointments after this movie.

I am sorry to beat up this movie , but the bigger the movies are , the harder they fall... c it with no expectations and only for a few hi-fi-special effects.

I do hope spiderman returns soon with something excellent.



Prabal Aggarwal said...

i totally agree with you. but this must be the costliest of the three spiderman movies coz of the special effects, especially of sandman

Anonymous said...

spiderman-3 is bakwaas

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