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Friday, May 18, 2007

Review - Life in a Metro ( like in METROPOLITAN and not a Train!! )

Director: Anurag Basu
Rating: 5/10

In short this movie is truly inspired by Madhur Bhandarkar. Anurag Basu has really lost it. He has copied almost all the deprssing tactics used by Madhur in many of his films. A scene is copy pasted from PAGE 3 with the same heroin ( Konkana). There are so many characters and inter-relationships which are inter-twined that u lose track of who is flirting, sleeping, having extra-marital affairs with whom. Its quiet a no-brainer really. All the good actors are wasted - (actors had given me false expectations). In all the songs Pritam and his gang appear in the same dress roaming on the streets (how original!!!) Though the sound track is good, with IN DINO DIL MERA being the pick of the tracks.If you do watch this movie u wud be bored in the first half but in the second IRRFAN KHAN breathes life into the movie with his amazing character. Once again IRRFAN has come on tops in a movie with a plethora of brilliant actors - blame it on their characters.

So advice is get a DVD or CD from somewhere and watch it. Else save ur precious stipend/ money etc and go for PIRATES :)



Hari said...

Funda-mentor, guess what, i entered the wrong screen in an Adlabs and ended up watching the movie post interval and guess what....it didnt even strike me and my friend that we were watching the 2nd half till the audience started moving out of the theatre in an hour and 15 mins.... hilarious stuff....

Funda-mentor said...

Hahahahaha... LOL ... thats the most outrageous thing I heard that happened in a theater!

Anonymous said...

sorry dude but i disagree with you

rating - 7/10

the story in itself is good and is unexpectedly mature in handling of various complicted relationships amongst a variety of young people all living in the same city.

i haven't seen page 3, so wont compare. but in itself good to see.

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