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Monday, May 28, 2007

Cheeni Kum : A quirky but worky comedy!

Overall Rating: 6.5*** / 10 --> It’s Rocking.
Comedy Rating: 4 / 5 --> Wise Cracks Unlimited
Genre: Comedy
Director: R Balakrishnan

From the ratings you would have realized the general drift of this review. Obviously I had fun during this movie, and yeah, it was because of the movie and not otherwise! Cheeni Kum is an awesome debut by the director because he’s the writer as well and he has done a great job. After all, the whole movie flows on dialogues and situations. It’s a non-stop chain of wise cracks from our Quirky set of Characters.

Mr.Buddha (as in Gautam Buddha and not Old man – Amitabh Bachchan), age 64, is the owner of the finest Indian restaurant in London and his ego is as tall as himself. Nina (Tabu), age 34, enters his restaurant and life, when she comes to London for the first time. And then starts a non-stop bought of wise-cracks between the two characters, both trying to get one-up on each other, while the romance blossoms. The dialogues are smart, to down-right silly, but you love them, because they are delivered with such flawlessness by these 2 wonderful actors. Mr.Buddha still lives with his Mother (Zora Sehgal – amazing energy) with whom he shares a particularly confrontational relationship. She keeps urging him to go to the GYM, which he does once he meets Tabu. Then there’s also a terminally ill kid, who’s Amitabh’s neighbour, philosopher and friend. Christined SEXY by Mr.Buddha, she shares ample screen space with Amitabh and brings out loads of memorable moments. After the brisk romance, Nina and Buddha decide to marry for no apparent reason other than having a physical relationship and Amitabh leaves for India to convince Tabu’s father (Paresh Rawal ). What ensues is a series of failed attempts to convince the father, while the father keeps un-intentionally and deliberately reminding Amitabh of his age. One of the most hillarious scenes in the film is during a song , when Paresh Rawal goes on a hunger strike. Finally he does give in to the amorous couple’s intentions, rather reluctantly.

For me this movie clicked on several levels because of its novel storyline, cool wise-cracks, decent songs and above all of this, the acting of the 2 lead characters. Amitabh with his small plat, his designer goggles, his white suit looks amazing and delivers his lines with amazing ease. Tabu plays this conventional yet adamant character and stays on par with Amitabh in terms of the performance. All the other characters are good as-well.

Apart from a few repetitive dialogues, some cheap insinuations, some unwanted characters, this movie overall is a real delight and would urge you to watch it once again.
If you are an Amitabh fan, you would surely fall in love with him, all over again.

Conclusion: Watch it ASAP and if you a sucker for wise-cracks you would surely love it. Sorry if you looking for subtle , straightforward characters delivering straightforward dialogues –sorry this film is full of unconventional, rather Quiry but Worky characters!!


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Hari said...

Funda-mentor, as usual ur reviews are to the point and give a nice brief of the movie and yes, the performances...now since our taste matches, guess i shd go and watch this one...meanwhile being the movie buff that u r, waiting for some more movie reviews...

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