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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Annie Hall - Conversational Artistry!

Overall Rating: 7 outta 10

Comic Rating: 3 outta 5

Taking you back in time, back to 1977. This movie won an ACADEMY AWARD. Crafted by the renound WOODY ALLEN this is a romantic comedy with the Woody Allen stamp all over it. I have seen 2 Woody movies now and they have one thing in common 1) They deal with relationships, trying to make sense of them 2) The movie runs purely on Conversations.

So this particular movie is about a stand up comic Alvy Singer's (Woody) relationship with Annie Hall (Diane Keaton). It traces their relationship from start to its end and afterwards. How Alvy, who's had a particularly depressing childhood, is afraid of being commited and has already divorced twice. How he is obssesed with Death, though he is not suisidal. How he falls for a relatively normal girl ANNIE, pushes her to pursue further education, shares his past and his present with her and finally when its not working out - mutually agrees to part ways. After that he has a few more relationships but they are nothing compared to the one he had with ANNIE and he craves for her. But both have different perspectives in life. While he is obssesed with NEW YORK and DEATH, she wants a relatively laid back life of LOS ANGELES where she could be amidst celebs from Hollywood and she believes in living to the fullest.

In all, the story is just a skeleton for the plethora of comic lines which Woody delivers with aplomb. Being the director, he has let his imagination run wild and has brought many comic scenes through their presentation, particularly when he interacts with the Audience of the movie.

The performances are exceptional. Its not just because of the actors, but particularly because of the director. Woody has an amazing talent to capture stellar realistic reactions and actions from his cast. They seem to be actually living the role, rather than acting them.

Its different from the run-of-the-mill comedies and it needs a certain grip on vocabulary to grasp some of the jokes. It would not amuse many because you need to have a certain taste to gather what is being said. Many would probably be tired of concentrating for 1 and half hour. But once you get into the groove, you are sucked in. Not particularly my taste, I must say --> I preferred the blatant, quirky Cheeni Kum more. But I would recommened it for the DIE-HARD movie fan, because he cannot miss Woody's brand of Movie making. Its a lesson.

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