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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Movie Review : Green Zone : Show this one the red light.....

I went for this movie for the frenetic combination of Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon. The Bourne Movies had a solid plot and were shot at such frentic pace, that they kept you riveted to the screen. And I expected that from this movie too.

The first few scenes had the Greengrass stamp all over it. With shots changing every second, the screenplay was frenetic. We were in Iraq in 2003 and eveything was exploding all over the place. People runnings, bombs exploding, military guys parading around, snipers hiding in towers, bricks falling all over the place, dialogues running simultaneously, frenetic camerawork - a million things happening at one time on the screen. It would take a first time viewer some time to get used to the handheld shaky camerawork, but that was what I had expected.

The first few minutes were excellent, because I was just soaking in the atmosphere created in the film - art direction, camerawork, background score - everything top class. But then I started moving in my seat and started to get a little bored. I coudlnt put a finger on what was wrong, but then I figured it out. The plot was too cliched, the visuals too common. The premise was similar to what you had seen earlier, the plot was predictable and there was nothing too spectacular going on the screen. The screenplay was awesome, but the purpose was boring. That's where the Bourne films were far more superior than this one. When you do not have an interesting enough plot, the screenplay will not save you. Matt Damon is solid in a role he can sleepwalk in and others are competant. But none of that matters when you are getting bored by the run of the mill action movie !

I would say you wait for this movie to arrive on a DVD or on television and save your money. Show the red light to the Green Zone!

Rating : 4 / 10

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