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Friday, December 4, 2009

Movie Review - PAA - Just PAAs with Grace !

I am bewildered. When you have a rare congenital disorder as your subject, you create an awesome character and then you have the most amazing actor to play it, why would you waste your time shooting things totally unrelated. Balki - Cheeni Kum may have had less sugar , but the spice of the relationship between an old man and a middle aged girl was brilliant. But here Cheeni bhi kum, spice bhi kum, sab thoda thoda kum.

I have to start with positives first, because the movie has many. Amitabh Bachchan reallly takes the cake. Please tell me what is it that he cannot do. A 70 year old man playing a 12 year old so amazingly would certainly be the first of its kind. Balki creates a totally believable 80 year old kiddo and Amitabh breathes life into that character. Brilliant is the word. Abhishek and Vidya perform effortlessly. Like Cheeni Kum's character named Sexy, here also you have a classmate who is a friend of Amitabh who is brilliant. Some of the comic dialogues and scenes are really well done. The make up is excellent. The overall look of the film is also quiet good.

Now, comes the bad part :
1) I dont know the infatuation of these directors from south to cut one scene into so many shots. It seems that with every word in the dialogue the camera angle changes. Dunno somehow that style didnt suit the movie.
2) The songs are less than ordinary.
3) Believe it or not, but the director strays from the main story for almost half the time of the running of this film. Its irritating at times. Balki strays mindlessly to Media Bashing, Political rivalries and the movie goes from an emotional film to some cross breed of a Nayak and Sadma.
4) Somehow the film does not touch you. The end is quiet predictable but the treatment of the end is not good enough. Balki would definitely be dissapointed.

But if you ask me, even though the movie has so many negatives, you have to see it for Amitabh's whizardry. Watch it only for that purpose and you might not be that dissapointed. Finally because of some inspired scenes featuring Amitabh with friends or at home or with Abhishek , this movie PAAses with Grace marks !!

BTW, the movie has no connection with Benjamin Button.. Its a completely different film based on kid suffering with "Progeria"

Rating : 6.5 / 10


Pavan said...

hmmm...ur comment on south directors who cut one scene into so many shots is hinted at??? :D

Yeah, a must watch for Amitabh Fans..main bhi jaake dekhunga.

Ebrahim Kabir said...

Well written review, though the film was fine few places. Nothing extraordinary that people are making it.

ViruS said...

hahahhaa... @pavs all south directors... @kabir - thanks man

pragya said...

I saw it and i very much agree that movie has a lot of diversion from the main point. But Character of Auro is so well brought out, that you end up liking it. Infact, the dialogue are really well written.

I don't think that movie goes without touching us. It does not do it the gloomy way but has a subtle way of doing it.

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