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Monday, January 12, 2009

Movie Review: The president is coming.... A mad mad caper

Genre : Comedy

Rating: 5.5/10

My Say : A madcap caper worth watching…


First I would like to applaud Rahman for winning the Golden Globe. Surely, this time an Oscar is coming Home!!!

The President is coming, is one of those over the top comedies that strive on being insane. It’s a parody and is actually adapted from a play. President Bush, is visiting India and he wants to shake the hand of a young Indian. So, the consulate sets up a team of 2, to interview and select a suitable candidate. The finalists are called into a room and are taken through a set of tests, to determine the winner. These tests are as silly as they can get.

The dialogues range from witty to puerile ala Bushistic to downright crass!!! The characters represent the diversity of India aptly, from the Desi chauvinist to the American wannabe. From the poor little rich girl to the gay who tries hard to flirt with girls. It also has the patent Gujju bhai Stocks ka Sher!


Though parts of it are totally nonsensical, it manages to keep you entertained. This is a MAD film and you should watch it with that mindset and I am sure you will enjoy. Plus, you get all the wonderful Bushisms to keep you laughing your heads off!! This madcap caper is surely worth watching….

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