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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Movie Review - Quantum of Solace - JAAM !!!

Rating : 5.5 / 10
My Say - Its JAAM - Just Another Action Movie !

The much anticipated bond movie, with a smashing box office start in UK, is sadly - Just another action movie. Though there is no denying that the action is Fantastic, it falls short on the sophistication and style urf Bond quotient.

In the second installment, Daniel Craig is plain ruthless. He is more an assasin ( flaunting his License to Kill) than a secret agent. He is in pursuit of the villian who had left him bereft of the only true love of his life. And in this pursuit, he is blinded. His only aim - revenge. So throughout the movie he is casually moving from one country to another, just to kill. The ease with which he crosses borders even without money or passport is remarkable ( anyways, thats what he is trained to do !!) The plot is rather confusing and through most of the movie, you do not understand whats going on, and frankly, why?  Its like the plot is just a vehicle for delivering one action sequence after another.  You also wonder what these guys have in place of bones - titanium rods??? Unbreakable.

The only Quantum of Solace is that with this movie, the revenge of Bond is complete and now he will get back to his Stylish, Casanova ways in the next movie. Lets wait and watch, because this was frankly - JAAM.....

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