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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Movie Review: Dasvidaniya - Add it to your "TO DO" list...

Rating: 6.5 /10
My Say: A thing to do.....deserves a watch...

The plots simple, the movie too. Simple but touching. Its has some truly touching scenes and thats what makes this movie immensely lovable.

The completely hackneyed storyline is about a man who realises that he has very little time to live and hence creates a list of things to do before he says goodbye. 

And the movie is about how he goes about fulfilling his tasks. So far, so simple. But the treatment of the scenes, the dialgoues and the characters used in the film are the reasons that make it so good to watch. Vinay Pathak, as the simpleton who has stayed away from all vices in life, yet is facing an early death, is in top form. His repertoire as an actor is completely challenged by this character - but he comes out tops in both the comic as well as the emotional scenes. 

The director sculpts some awesome characters ( the alter ego of the simpleton - Vinay Pathak , the caricaturish boss - Saurabh Shukla, the half deaf mother - Sarita Sharma, surprisingly the old flame - neha dhupia ). All actors have done full justice to their roles. 

There are a few scenes in the film that touch you in a beautiful way and makes you laugh and cry with the protagonist. In one scene Pathak expresses his love for his childhood flame, Neha Dhupia. There is no dialogue in this scene, but it expresses so much. Plus, a few scenes really crack you up with their comic precision. 

The songs are decent (specially the song "Mumma") and the background score scores. Yes, somethings are predictable and somethings unrealistic, but I am certain you wont mind them, because the film is all heart.

So put this on your TO-DO list and I am sure you wont regret it.

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VishAll said...

All thanks to Ram Gopal Verma...thats what was there at the start of the film....
But my Arv put it right...Thanks to Ramu for not directing it.
A must watch...amazing one....

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