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Monday, September 8, 2008

Movie Review - Tahaan... Doesn't quench your thirst completely.

Rating: 6 / 10

My Say: Feel Good.

Tahaan - a fable set in Kashmir, is a simple story touching complex issues. Its about this small kid called Tahaan who loses his favourite companion (his Donkey) and then sets out to get it back. He has a mute mother , a father who is missing for several months, a grandfather who dies after telling him that everyone should have a Goal in life and a big sister. He tranverses the beautiful valley along with his donkey's new owner Anupam Kher in a bid to win it back. The owner's dumb sidekick (Rahul Bose - wasted) tags along. The movie is about the choices the child makes to win back his companion. Along the way Mr.Santosh Sivan shows us the condition of the people in Kashmir. The constant threat of terrorism, the constant vigil of the army and the plight of the women who's husbands have disappeared. 

This is a very good effort by Sivan to make a meaningful and feel good film. It is truly inspired by Iranian Cinema, where the themes are much like this and the execution is similar aswell. Sivan's camera work is breathtaking and really captures the amazing beauty of our Kashmir. That - such a heavenly place has become hell for many,  saddens me. 

Tahaan in MARATHI is thirst. This film doesnt completely quench your thirst for great cinema; Its not a gem but glitters enough to attract you and charm you.. Have a look....

1 comment:

Priti said...

i have heard that it is very slow paced...is that so??

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