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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Movie Review : Singh is Kinng... Unabashed Buffonery...

Rating: 4.5/ 10

Mindsets dictate your condition during a movie. Biases dictate your decision. And nobody can deny it. I always say that my reviews are completely biased and my belief was turned into a conviction when I saw this movie. I knew it was a complete mindless entertainment, with the sole intention of entertaining and minting money. So, I went in with expectation of being ravaged by utterly nonsensical antics and you know what, it worked. I was actually able to enjoy it. Its like going to a Mithun film with the sole intention of enjoying and laughing at the most idiotic sequences.

I wanted to actually watch this movie which has catapulted the Kingg Kumar to dizzying box office heights. I wanted to know what is the pulse of this nation, and how the director has his finger firmly on it. It's like the director knows that the audience is a bunch of monkeys, so he has aptly dangled a savoury banana. And the monkeys have made a plunge for it, including me :)

About this film. Nothing much to say. Its about this village idiot who goes to Australia to bring back the shame of their village, a Sradaar Don in Australia. In between he meets his lady love, tried best to hand her over to another guy and eventually wins her. The movie works in some sequences because of the brilliance of Ranvir Shourey, Javed Jaffery and ofcourse , Akshay Kumar. The action sequences suck big time , but some comic dialogues and scenes are hillarious. Overall the movie would entertain you, sometimes irritate you and will not even scratch the surface of your brain. If you havent seen the film and want to, go with an open mind (sans the brain ofcourse). The songs would surely help (they are good). And its not crass comedy, its clean.

I have realised that though there is acceptance for some intelligent, serious stuff, the audience by and large wants to go to the theaters and leave their brains behind. Atleast most of it. Mass audience want to laugh at all costs and Bazmee has hit the jackpot.Haah, take that you pseudo intellectuals... I give up...

A social experiment which is thoroughly successful. A nonsensical film that works.

1 comment:

SJ said...

Rightly said... a movie to be watched and enjoyed... not deciphered to get something meaningful out of it (coz u won't find it)

I enjoyed it thoroughly and some sequences (like Sonu Sood used for transporting stuff across the room) actually had me rolling with laughter.

it was definitely better and more enjoyable than 'Ugly aur Pagli'... yup i actually had the guts to c tht 1

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