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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Movie Review - Rock On .... Pebbles... more than Rockss....

Rating : 5.5/ 10

My Say : Average

The signs were good, the songs decent, the premise interesting, so it demanded a watch. Plus, my cousin who has his own band in Delhi wanted to see it. So we Rocked On.

No big surprises here, its an average film. It's about this group of guys having a band and a dream of making it big. Then they part ways and are later brought together, to once again rock the house. A mix of Dil Chahta Hai and Jhankaar beats you might say. But it fails to create the same magic. The film lacks depth, it touches the surfaces of both the emotions and the relations so wonderfully sketched in the said Inspirations ( DCH and JB). The break up is not properly explained and the reunion is far too fortituous. The end too predictable. Somewhere the movie moves from a cool film and falls into the trap of predictability.

Farhan Akhtar has good screen presence and a competent actor. Arjun Rampal, to his credit, has done a good job with his part( His wife in the film has done a fabulous job :) Prachi Desai is sweet, Luke Kenny emotes with honesty and Purab is charming. The songs are not everyones cup of tea, though I like quiet a few of them. The Onstage performances are wonderfully filmed and the overall screen play is good.

Abhishek Kapoor's film is thus a film that mildly pebbles, doesnt completely Rock. A decent watch for the week.


Pavan said...

The actress' name is Shahana Goswami who plays Arjun Rampal's wife in the film. By far the best performance in the film followed by Purab.
Shahana is just 22 years old and her next film is ru-ba-ru with Randeep Hooda.
Her first film was Naseer's 'Yun hota to kya hota' where she went unnoticed.
But, now she would be one to be watched out for in teh coming years.
A good actress (young) after a long time. She could surely teach some acting lessons to Deepika, Kareena, etc.


vaah viru

tusi chaa gaye...

gud to read a lot of reviews of late from you, gud you finding some more time from the righta lefta situation.... :)

take care and keep rocking..

SJ said...

the movie ROCKED according to me
i wud rate it as a gud flick... say 7/10
all in all a stylish entertainer... with loads of masti thrown in
the reunion was smthng different... no emotional drama or rona dhona or trying to defend previous actions... just a hug n make-up thing was smthng very sweet n nice... it makes u realize the value of friendship n the fact tht even after 10 yrs words r not required n the understanding remains
all the actors hv done a wonderful job n the songs n performances are amazing... farhaan rocks!!! nvr knew he cud sing so well

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Gaurav Pande said...

farhan...proved that he is a multitalented guy..

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