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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Movie Review: 10000 B.C. - An utter waste!

Rating: 3 / 10

The much awaited 10000 BC by the much acclaimed director of "Independence day" and "Day after tommorow" , falls flat on its face and never recovers. Its got the most boring and cliched script, amazingly toothless dialogues and sonorous background score.

The story is about this tribe, where a small girl arrives from a far far land as a profecy of the impending devastation. A small boy - our hero falls head over heels for her. Then when they grow old, the prophecy comes true and the Villians drag many of our hero's tribe mates and ofcourse the heroin away. So our valiant hero trudges through Snow capped mountains, carnivorous birds ridden forests and miles of desert to reach the villians den. Here the villian - who is considered to be god, has lakhs of slaves belted to make huge Inca temples. And our hero brings out a revilution and kills the so called god. Happy ending!

You would probably laugh your head off at the utterly dumb dialogues and situations. This director seems completely inspired by some Old Hindi film, where villian picks up heroin, hero goes on mission with sidekick, side kick dies, hero fights the villian, villian manages to kill heroin, hero in rage kills villian and then heroin comes alive due to some heavy duty praying to god!!! Spare us mr.Roland Emmerich. Apart from some excellent graphics this is a total waste of time, money and effort.
Go to the theater at your own peril , but if you have to, take along loads of crazy friends. Then you can enjoy this boring but unintentionally filmy and funny movie. Then you can hoot, clap, shout, laugh and make the rest of the audience enjoy this prehistoric crap.

1 comment:

gurukool said...

Vicky dada seems like u hav saw prehistoric day RAMAYAN. Wait for a desi RAMAYAN version frm R.K Santoshi.

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