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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flash Movie Reviews - Vantage Point , Lives of Others and Sweeney Todd

No 1... Vantage Point :
Rating: 5.5 / 10 ... The movie is about this peace conference, where terrorist plan to shoot the U.S. president and blow up innocent people. Another Run of the Mill , hollywood production with the age old cops chasing terrorist story with an unorthodox screen play. Every 10 minutes the story starts over again, everytime through a different persons perspective. So you can say that there are around 8 main characters, so the movie repeats the same 10 minute story, 8 times!!! Though the screen play is brisk and the action is slick, but after 2 to 3 times, you are sick of the clock on screen turing 12 pm again and then all over again. Bits and pieces of the plot are revealed with every viewpoint, but towards the end the story turns comical! You seriously think why these U.S. guys give themselves so much importance. The conference is held in france and all the footage is grabbed by the U.S. president and his gang of security agents... Watch it if you wanna do some serious timepass.
No 2: Lives of Others:
Rating:6.5 / 10. Its been some time since I have seen this German movie. This movie won the oscar for the best foreign langyage film last year. Set in East germany, its during the times when the agents of Stasi(German democratic republic's secret police) used to crush every artistic talent in their country. Its just a simple story centered on 3 to 4 characters tops. During that time, the Stasi used to keep secret vigilance over all the people they felt were traitors and could rise against their regime. They bugged their houses and had 24 hour surveillance over their homes. This story is about one such Stasi agent, who is given the duty of spying over a Director of Plays who is suspected of being a revolutionary. During several nights of his vigilance, the agent is amazed by the idealogy of this director and realises that he is the one who is on the wrong side. Check this movie out for its amazing performances by the main leads. The director plays with human emotions, backed with a terrific script. The movie is stark and the screen play is slow. Recommended only for connoisseurs of movies, because this is not a movie to have fun over the weekend.

No 3: Sweeney Todd, The deamon barber on fleet street

Rating: 7 / 10

First and foremost, this is a musical. Based in London, this is about an honest man who has been robbed off his happiness(wife and daughter) by an evil judge and now he seeks revenge. Its about this man, who has lost all his sympathy and belives that the rich abnd powerful must die, but his ultimate ambition is to kill the judge. So he sets up his Barber shop with the help of a devious lady who runs a bakery. Together they kill mercilessly and bake cookies of human meat - which are an instant hit. The end is not as predictable and is rather ironic, but then thats the whole point. Watch this amazingly brilliant dark comedy on DVD with subtitles. I say this because it has some amazing lyrics which you might miss on screen due to the heavy british accent, along with the really really fast flow of the words during the songs. If you listen to it carefully, you will realise the witty depth in the pathos. Johnny depp and Helena Carter - it seems have sung for the first time, but have done an exceptional job. This ones really worth the watch.

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Anonymous said...

ohh dude...thank goodness, someone likes Sweeney Todd. I saw it and I loved the musical pieces, but anyone I talk about it, only gives me a look - as if only maniacs like such stories :P
It is good .. truly!


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