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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


A story abt. a chaotic guy who lands up in an official house arrest…….
In the beginning of the movie Kale (Shia la, the main character) is shown with his father sharing good times fishing, but on their way back met with an accident in which his father dies.. kale held himself responsible for this n an year later he is reprimanded by his prof. at the school for sleeping in the class, whom he punches once he was instigated (coz he mentioned abt his father) and he was sent to his home by the court with 3 months of house arrest. With all the gadgets tied to Kale’s body making sure that he doesn’t leave the vicinity oh his house (poor fellow).. for the first few days he had nothing to do except playing games n watching TV but that too was taken away seeing his behavior by his mother. Left with nothing to do he starts spying upon his neighbors and their activities.
n one nite he gets suspicious of his neighbor, Mr. Turner (if i remember it rite), n it was all because he saw the similar description of a serial killer in the news…n the same time their comes a sexy girl in their neighbor shifted from the main city (Kale lives in suburb; which is why the movie is named Disturb+Suburbia).
n now the real story starts when he starts spying in make plans to know more abt him sending his friends to break into Turner’s car n eventually into his house n in this process Turner catch hold of the heroine n how he threatens her not to follow him n all…Ronnie (a friend who was also a part of this plan) was caught in Turners house when the police comes n they found noting wrong. n in order to save his son (Kale), the mother went to turners house to request for not to press charge, but as was true he was a bad guy-he played his tricks n abducts her….n the story goes on abt how he (Kale) saves his mother n police came n all the n no. of dead bodies that r there in Turners house n all……
all in all it’s a worth watching movie n if I have to rate it, I would give it 7/10…

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Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

yeah... this is a timepass movie. worth a watch :)

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