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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wild Hogs

Starring : Tim Allen (doug-the family man), John Travolta (woody-the rich guy), Martin Lawrence (bobby-the plumber), William Macy (dudley-the geek)
well i saw this movie recently thinking that this is going to be a bikers passion movie, but this turned out to be different but there is one thing for sure it was a not a shear disappointment. one thing that concerns me; why did travolta work in this low budget movie which was ought to be an average movie....is it that he is out of work or what??? now that is upto u to figure it out....

Four middle-aged men, three stuck in dysfunctional relationships and one unable to even talk to a woman (but gets the hottest one in the end), get their motors running and head out on their Harleys in wild hogs, buddies who feel the need to escape from their 9-to-5 lives and decide the best way to recapture some of their lost youth is to take off on their Harleys.
Off they go and, of course, absolutely nothing turns out as they planned. Their tents burn down and they encounter a motorcycle cop who believes the men are lovers and wants to join in on the fun. Things get really hairy when they run afoul of a group of real bikers who don't like couch potato posers who think black leather jackets and a cool logo patch are all it takes to be bikers n the story goes on like this with some patches of comedy which makes doesn't make u feel bore for all the while....there is a town where they go n how they saved the ppl there from the terror of the bad boys gang....story depicts the color of true friendship n how they stood for each other at the time they needed unity (the creditable thing is their age at which one lives for oneself)...

in all the movie is just a timepass n there is nothing so great, if u have to kill some time n have nothin else to do, go for it....on a scale of 5 i would rate it as 2


Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

hehehe.. the star cast of the film is excellent... with traolta and tim allen it promised to be much funnier, but alas nahi hui... siddhart tum form main ho, keep up the great work!

priti said...

i loved the trailer/teaser of this movie...and when i watched it...i still loved only the scenes they should in the teaser :)

to say the least movie disappoints ... even with a potentially hilarious concepts and gr8 cast....

the comedy is very slapstick in treatment

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