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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Die Hard-4

the review has been written by Priti Sankhla

“Die hard 4 caters what was expected. Nothing more, nothing less. This forth movie of the Die hard series deliver exactly what the first one did viz. Simple plot, great stunts, stylized villains and somewhat contemporary plot. It also has the same short coming viz. super hero who can single handedly ruin a team of well prepared, treacherous villains, doing the world good mainly as a by-product of saving a family member.
There are times when you will raise your hand in the air and say “Kuch bhi”, but the absurdity of the scene is soon taken away from your mind as you notice the camera angles and creativity. The hero, Bruce Willis, of course knows to jump perfectly, dodge bullets, climb elevators using ropes, survive F35 attack, safely leap& jump collapsing bridges and gas inflammation.Oh and get away with scratches, just to make him look more macho….nothing hurts John Mclain as expected….
So though you may wonder after coming out of the hall, the lack of content, yet the class, in what you watched in last two and a half hour… remember that’s what was promised …Worth a watch ...”


Prabal Aggarwal said...

i like ur style
"Kuchh Bhi"

stuti said...

This movie is different from the previous series with respect of more intricte use of technology in stunts... in earlier version, i felt that he indeed bruce willis is fighting.... but in this movie the use of graphics is quite evident... but overall a must watch movie...

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