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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Friend Ganesha

Rating 6/10

I happened to watch this movie with my lil niece.When did we last see an animated movie.We did catch glimpses of animation in Raju Chacha,Hum Tum..but the most successful one has been Hanuman.

Story: The movie shows a family comprising of Father(Aditya),Mother(Aarti),Son(Ashu).
The parents are very busy in their daily chores and the child feels lonely.His only friend is the maid (Gangu Tai) in the house.The child happens to rescue a mouse in the rain and he is told by his maid that the mouse is Ganesha's pet.Now the child gets interested and the maid narrates the story of Ganesha to him.The maid tells him that Ganesha can be your friend.
After sometime the family suffers from a crisis.The maid convinces the family to get Ganesha home.As soon as Ganesha comes in the house all good things start happening,the child is happy and the family comes out of the crisis.

My Review: Well a simple story indeed but what stands out is the animation.The interaction between Ganesha and the Child is the USP of the movie.However,I as a viewer could not digest few things like the Father having problems at work,father's sister being blackmailed by her boyfriend;these things were rather vaguely presented.
The film targets little children but to leverage that advantage the movie must have released during the summer vacations and the advertising campaign should have been more aggressive.
Overall a fun movie to watch and my niece laughed a lot and enjoyed every bit of the movie with the pop corn falling all over the place.

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