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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

Rating : 6 / 10

If you ask me frankly, this was just another movie. I dint find it special. But Harry Potter is Harry potter and it does carry that WOO factor, so one time watch is recomended. I liked this book because fo the dark connection between harry and the dark lord, but sqeezing all that into a movie seems a tall order.

The story has reached the point where the dark lord has risen again and is making his army. At the same time the ministry is in complete denial of this fact. They go to the extent of publicizing Harry and Dumbeldore as Plotters and Liars. Dumboldore also starts creating his army to fight the evil. All this is the build up to the 7th film. I wont elaborate on the story, bcos most of us have either read it or dont want to, so its immaterial!

The tone of the movie is set as dark and gloomy, which is apt. But the movie is slow and tedious. The direction is OK, but the editor is seriosuly handicapped and had to cut away major parts to make it a 2 and half hour movie!! The magic created in the books, is not duplicated on the screen and only during the dying few minutes, you are held spell bound. Its worth a watch for fans. Fantasy films are anyways timepass to watch, watch it on big screen.

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