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Friday, June 29, 2007

Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer - Good fun.

Genre : Superhero

Rating : 5.5 / 10

For all those who like super heroes and fantasy films, this is worth a watch. The first film was also almost like this , a timepass fare. The story is good, the execution is great. You can always count on the special effects to be great and this movie doesnt dissapoint. Also, it has a quirky funny tinge to it, with the banter between The Thing and Human Torch.

The story is like this: An alien , SILVER SURFER comes to EARTH with a mission to prepare it to be destroyed by its Master. He causes great ecological imbalances throughout the world through his Drilling jobs towards the core of the earth. Meanwhile, one such incidence of a storm spoils Mr.Fantastic and Invisible Woman's marriage! Then Mr. Fantastic is recruited by the US defense force to create a machine to track this Silver Surfer who has immense power. Also, due to some imbalances , somehow by the grace of the Devil!!! - Victor Von Doom - who was frozen in the first movie - gets up from his encaged slumber. He comes back with a mission to team up with Siver Surfer and rule the world. God knows how he manages to get all his stuff back and then convinces the US defense commander to beleive that he is better than Mr. Fantastic and god knows why does the commander always think the fanatastic four are freaks and should be kept out. Anyways, Mr. Fantastic finds out a way to dismantel the Surfer from the source of his incredible power and save the world. Victor Von Doom has different plans which leads to a rather tame ending. And yes the deadly duo, do get married eventualy!

The spoilers are that the film doesnt have enuff action sequences and some twists are too predictable. Also, when I go to a super hero movie, I want the bad guys to be really really bad with no room for compassion for anything and then the super hero should thrash him silly!!it doesnt happen here.Biggest dissapointment is they somehow make the biggest star in the film "JESSICA ALBA" look bad!!! But, the execution of all the sequences are top class. What I love about these films is not the story, its just how the conceptualise things which are impossible in this real world and make them amazingly real in reel. I suggest if you have to see this film, watch it on big screen. Its good fun. Enjoy.

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