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Friday, May 18, 2007

Review : Apocalypto and Ghost Rider

Film : Apocalypto
Rating : ( 5.5 ) outta 10

Mel Gibson's Apocalypto takes u back to the Mayan age. Its kind of a transition period for the clan who live oblivious from the civilised world. Its a period when the concept of INDUSTRIALISATION is in its incipient stages, its during the decline of the Mayan civilisation.

The story is very FILMY. Almost like a Hindi movie. Its got a small tribe where our hero lives happily with his family and his tribe. But their humble abode is destroyed, elders killed, children abandoned and men/women enslaved by this group of maniacs who are creating a city and need labourers. In the melee the hero hides his wife and kid in a well. After that starts the journey of the hero to hell and back. The hero runs against all odds and saves his family.

Well, this has some pretty gory action aswell, coz these guys use axes and spears and daggers etc. Pretty nice recreation of the lost age. Its kinda lenghty and some portions are boring and dragged. But overall its a watchable movie. The action towards the end is good. Also, the movie is in the ancient Yukatec Mayan Language, so u have to read the subscripts and keep up with the scenes.

Timepass stuff. Watch it as a sincere attempt to make a simple story based in a lost era.

Film : Ghost Rider
Rating : 3.5 outta 10

OK, so Nicholas Cage had this fantasy of playing Ghost rider, which was fulfilled in this movie. But other than that nobody is impressed. Ghost Rider is literally on fire from head to toe in the film, but doesnt fire up our imagination or our interest. Its a simple story of this guy who sells his soul to the devil in exchange of his fathers life and is double crossed, but now has to serve the devil and do as the devil commands. Then a bunch of luncatics along with the Devi let (the devils son) come along to dethrone the devil and own the world. The devil calls upon his aid to finish up these mischief mongers n so he does. Oh yaa he also has this lady in his life, who is there for the usual "Villian kidapping heroin and gets hero to do his work in exchange for his life" routine!!!

All in all, predictable, run of mill stuff with a little special effects. Thats about it. Dont waste any money on this. Watch it on computer if u must.

Happy Cinemaing
Viru urf Fundamentor.

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