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Friday, May 18, 2007

Bheja Fry -- Pointless Fun

Sometimes you don’t need a script, you don’t need complicated relationships, you don’t need songs or vulgar insinuations or over the top shenanigans to make people laugh. Bheja Fry is one of those times.

Sometimes you need no reason to smile, to laugh. All the same, Bheja Fry gives you loads of reasons to do so. In fact, it makes you jump off your seat a few times!!

Pointless – because its got no story, no reason. And Fun – because the film is simply a riot! There are just characters and situations. And then there’s Vinay Pathak – absolutely brilliant.

The plots like this à An idiot named Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak) believes himself to be a super singer. Mr.Thadani ( Rajat Kapoor) – a music company owner, has this group dinner every Friday night where they call one Idiotic talent and have fun on his or her behalf! Mr. Thadani comes to know about Bharat Bhushan and calls him for the Friday night dinner and then all hell breaks loose at Mr.Thadani’s place, with Mr. Bharat Bhushan wrecking havoc in his life!

There are other characters like Mr.Thadani’s wife (Saarika), his friend (Milind Soman), his doctor (Tom Alter) and an IT inspector (Ranvir Shourie), but these play small parts in this wholesome comedy.

You simply have to see Vinay Pathak playing this amazingly irritating character and how he gets into the skin of the character and under the skin of others through this character!! Sabka Bheja Fry kar deta hai!!

Verdict – a great movie to cool off in this summer time, with loads of fun. Go watch it. No tension, no message, no nonsensical plot of wasted emotions – just pointless fun.

Funda-mentor Urf Viru

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